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API Transformation in Action - Kin Lane to speak at upcoming API Workshop in Washington DC

Forget XML-to-JSON, or SOAP-to-REST, the real transformation in the API world is the transformation of Kin Lane. As the original API Evangelist, Kin is prolific in his down-to-earth explanations of the value and power of APIs. I'm looking forward to hearing Kin speak at the Security and API Management Workshop later this month in Washington DC. The workshop will include a lot of API security discussion, but also Kin will be able to share his experience as the Innovation Fellow at the Department of Veterans Affairs (now that the federal government has started up again).

But first, let's look at that transformation... Here's Kin in 2012:

Source: http://kinlane.tumblr.com/post/29704538294/presenting-5k-to-winners-of-the-techcrunch-nyc 

And (drumroll please...) here's Kin in 2013:

Source: @wareFLOhttps://twitter.com/wareFLO/status/383368316426809344

Quite the transformation!

Perhaps Kin himself personifies the movement of APIs from the community into the enterprise (and government), while himself bestriding both worlds. So we're privileged to have Kin speak at the API Management Workshop on the 30th Oct. If you want to come along also, simply register at this link - it's free and followed by lunch. There's be much discussion of OAuth, FICAM, PKI, and how it all relates to APIs. Hope to see you there! (and, no suit required - t-shirts are fine :) ).

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