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Pro tip: Running Vordel API Server analytics as a Windows service

If you've downloaded the Vordel API Server v7.1 from the Vordel website and want to configure it to run as a Windows service, it's quite simple to do this. The command is:

installservice.bat "C:\Vordel-7.1.0\analytics" "analytics" "7.1" analytics.xml

Where "analytics" is the name you want to give the service, and "7.1" is the version number. The installservice.bat script can be found under the /win32/bin folder of the API Server installation.

Once you run this, hey presto, you'll see Vordel API Server analytics in your list of Windows services:

Note: Ensure you run the installservice.bat with the permissions to create a Windows Service, otherwise you will see a "Access is denied. . Could not open service control manager" error.

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Mark O'Neill is VP Innovation at Axway - API and Identity. Previously he was CTO and co-founder at Vordel, which was acquired by Axway. A regular speaker at industry conferences and a contributor to SOA World Magazine and Cloud Computing Journal, Mark holds a degree in mathematics and psychology from Trinity College Dublin and graduate qualifications in neural network programming from Oxford University.