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(August 20, 2003) - This week, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) issued Web Ontology Language (OWL) as a W3C Candidate Recommendation. Candidate Recommendation is an explicit call for implementations, indicating that the document has been reviewed by all other W3C Working Groups, that the specification is stable, and appropriate for implementation. OWL is a language for defining structured, Web-based ontologies which enable richer integration and interoperability of data across application boundaries. Early adopters of these standards include bioinformatics and medical communities, corporate enterprise and governments. OWL enables a range of descriptive applications including managing Web portals, collections management, content-based searches, enabling intelligent agents, Web services and ubiquitous computing. "OWL is an important step for making data on the Web m... (more)

Dave Winer: "It's Time for Web 2.0 to Stop Being Exclusive"

(August 1, 2006) - A war of words has broken out in the world of Web 2.0 - between the software developer Dave Winer (pictured) - who created or was a lead contributor to several of the most popular XML dialects and APIs related to web publishing such as RSS 2.0, XML-RPC, OPML, and the MetaWeblog API - and the founder of O'Reilly Media - the newly self-proclaimed "technology transfer company." Winer's beef? "We need to get all hands involved in what we used to call Web 2.0," he laments. "It's time for it to stop being exclusive, and it's way past time for one company to be controlling who's supposed to participate." Winer's contention is that events such as "FOO Camp" are harming the greater good, which is to make software easier, better, scalable, more reliable, and more secure, and instead turning Internet technology into an elitist world where it becomes a questi... (more)

Re: XML validator

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Rodney Boyd writes: > Thanks. Does this parser validate against W3C schemas? It complains > about the absence of a DRD, even when I specify a schema using > xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation. I used the command line "rxp -V > file.xml". My bad, very sorry to waste your time, RXP supports DTD-based validation only. ht - -- Henry S. Thompson, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh Half-time member of W3C Team 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB, SCOTLAND -- (44) 131 650-4440 Fax: (44) 131 651-1426, e-mail: [email protected] URL: http://www.ltg.ed.ac.uk/~ht/ [mail really from me _always_ has this .sig -- mail without it is forged spam] -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.2.6 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQFI0BtEkjnJixAXWBoRAqEXAJ9zZaRqqbm362LXsbDf6Lyu9wO8twCfbLCZ cyWBQzywz87dgOXEWSDadSI= =tjhC -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ... (more)

Re: RE: [Summary #2] Should Subject Matter Experts Determine X

I think Chin Chee-Kai's point is well taken as well, though it could be that what is designed here is a template for building interfaces (which again leads into the supposition that what you are talking about is essentially a second order schema - a schema used to define another schema). Not that I think it changes my original assertion, which I would modify slightly as to say a given schema should be an assertion of state, not process. The desire of the business expert involved placing a constraint upon the data model, but the question is whether this constraint is one that should have an obvious implication on the state of the model itself or is in fact part of a processing model that extends beyond the state model. On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 9:04 PM, Chin Chee-Kai wrote: On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 4:45 PM, Costello, Roger L. wrote: EXAMPLE OF... (more)

How to convert html file to xml format using Tagsoup

Hi All,   I would like to find out how to convert html file to xml format using Tagsoup in Java 6.   I have read through all the documents from http://tagsoup.info and other Google searches but could not find much useful material. Majority of these material are more for overview as opposed to explanation on how to use each classes provided by Tagsoup package.   Both tagsoup-1.2.jar and tagsoup-1.2-src.zip have been downloaded but only has the instruction to use tagsoup-1.2.jar as a stand- alone command. However, I am looking for some examples on how to do the conversion in Java instead.   There are no documentation in tagsoup-1.2-src.zip. I would like to compile the source code (only if it will add values on top of what the jar file has not already provide) in Netbeans but do not have the instruction to do so.   Any guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks, J... (more)

Berufungsgericht bestätigt (nochmals) Sieg von i4i

TORONTO, March 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Heute gab eine Kommission des US-Berufungsgerichts für die Bundesebene eine überarbeitete Stellungnahme in Sachen i4i gegen Microsoft heraus, welche das von Richter Leonard Davis erlassene richterliche Urteil vom 11. August 2009 bestätigt, in dem zu Gunsten von i4i entschieden wurde, da Microsoft der vorsätzlichen Verletzung des US-Patents 5.787.449 von i4i für schuldig befunden wurde. Loudon Owen, der Vorsitzende von i4i, erklärte: "Das Berufungsgericht bestätigt die Entscheidung der Vorinstanz in seiner Gesamtheit. Zusätzlich wurde eine ausführlichere Analyse über die Vorsätzlichkeit in dieser Sache herausgegeben. Die Feststellung, dass Microsoft das Patent von i4i vorsätzlich verletzt habe, wurde aufrechterhalten." Michel Vulpe, Gründer von i4i und Miterfinder, erklärte: "i4i freut sich besonders, dass das Gericht die Entsc... (more)

The Top 250 Players in the Cloud Computing Ecosystem

In the run-up to the next Cloud Expo, 7th Cloud Expo (November 1–4, 2010) being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, it's time to give my earlier list a complete overhaul. Here, accordingly, is an expanded list of the most active players in the Cloud Ecosystem. I have increased it from the 'mere' 150 I identified back in January of this year, to 250, testimony – as if any were needed! – to the fierce and continuing growth of the "Elastic IT" paradigm throughout the world of enterprise computing. Editorial note: The words in quotation marks used to describe the various services and solutions in this round-up are in every case taken from the Web sites of the companies themselves. Omissions to this Top 250 list should be sent to me via Twitter (twitter.com/jg21) and I will endeavor to include them in any future revision of this newly expanded rou... (more)

Where Are RIA Technologies Headed in 2008?

I am always being told off by i-technologists for quoting Picasso as having said that computers are useless. But I still love his reasoning? "Because they can only give you answers." Picasso, like AJAXWorld Magazine, liked questions. So we thought we would share with you what some of the world's leading rich Internet application pioneers are thinking may be the next questions that we need to see answered. From that readers can themselves infer where AJAX is headed. What are the top questions to ask next about AJAX? Eric Miraglia of Yahoo! 1.  (From March'08) How do I calculate the ROI of building my RIA on the iPhone SDK vs using AJAX? 2.  How do I assess the performance of my app and decide what to do next to make it faster?  3.  When it comes to accessibility, how do I know what's required of me for my rich web apps?  Beyond what's required, what makes good business se... (more)

Cloud Expo New York Call for Papers Now Open

Early Bird Savings Cloud Expo Cloud computing is a game changer. The cloud is disrupting traditional software and hardware business models by disrupting how IT service gets delivered. Entrepreneurial opportunities abound as this classic disruptive technology begins to proliferate, so it is no surprise that SYS-CON's industry-leading International Cloud Expo is going from strength to strength. The 5th International Cloud Expo, to be held April 19-21, 2010, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, NY, announces that its Call for Papers is fast approaching. Topics on which submission are welcome include all aspects of providing or using massively scalable IT-related capabilities as a service using Internet technologies (see suggested examples below). Help plant your flag in the fast-expanding business opportunity that is The Cloud: submit your speaking propos... (more)

Cloud Expo 2011 East To Attract 10,000 Delegates and 200 Exhibitors

SYS-CON Events announced today that the 8th International Cloud Expo will take place June 6-9, 2011, in New York City. The International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo series is the world's leading Cloud-focused event and is held three times a year, in New York, Silicon Valley and in Europe. Over 600 corporate sponsors and 10,000 industry professionals have participated in Cloud Computing Expo since its inception, more than all other Cloud-related events put together. Cloud Computing Expo 2011 East Call for Papers Deadline November 30, 2010 - SUBMIT YOUR SPEAKING PROPOSAL TODAY! The four-day event will offer a rich array of sessions led by exceptional speakers about the business and technical value of cloud computing with more than 150 sponsors and exhibitors and over 5,000 estimated delegates from well over 48 different countries. Explore Cloud Expo Sponsorship &... (more)

AJAX World RIA Conference & Expo Kicks Off in New York City

In the tight economy, front-end engineers and front-end engineering can play a conspicuous role: good user experience, as the iPhone spectacularly demonstrates, means good business. At the 7th International AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo which opened Monday in New York City, the speaker lineup is as usual dripping with real-world expertise. The distinguished Speaker Faculty is headlined by Oracle's Ashish Mohindroo, whose Opening Keynote on "Breaking the Collaboration Barrier with Rich Enterprise Applications" set the tone for two intense days of breakout sessions across three parallel tracks. According to Mohindroo and Oracle, Rich Enterprise Applications (REAs) promise breakthrough capabilities and services for achieving higher levels of personal and team productivity throughout your enterprise. "Consumer web and mobile technologies are setting high standards for wha... (more)

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Every organization is facing their own Digital Transformation as they attempt to stay ahead of the competition, or worse, just keep up. Each new opportunity, whether embracing machine learning, IoT, or a cloud migration, seems to bring new development, deployment, and management models. The results are more diverse and federated computing models than any time in our history.
On-premise or off, you have powerful tools available to maximize the value of your infrastructure and you demand more visibility and operational control. Fortunately, data center management tools keep a vigil on memory contestation, power, thermal consumption, server health, and utilization, allowing better control no matter your cloud's shape. In this session, learn how Intel software tools enable real-time monitoring and precise management to lower operational costs and optimize infrastructure for today even as you're forecasting for tomorrow.
"Calligo is a cloud service provider with data privacy at the heart of what we do. We are a typical Infrastructure as a Service cloud provider but it's been designed around data privacy," explained Julian Box, CEO and co-founder of Calligo, in this SYS-CON.tv interview at 21st Cloud Expo, held Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2017, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.
Isomorphic Software is the global leader in high-end, web-based business applications. We develop, market, and support the SmartClient & Smart GWT HTML5/Ajax platform, combining the productivity and performance of traditional desktop software with the simplicity and reach of the open web. With staff in 10 timezones, Isomorphic provides a global network of services related to our technology, with offerings ranging from turnkey application development to SLA-backed enterprise support. Leading global enterprises use Isomorphic technology to reduce costs and improve productivity, developing & deploying sophisticated business applications with unprecedented ease and simplicity.
While a hybrid cloud can ease that transition, designing and deploy that hybrid cloud still offers challenges for organizations concerned about lack of available cloud skillsets within their organization. Managed service providers offer a unique opportunity to fill those gaps and get organizations of all sizes on a hybrid cloud that meets their comfort level, while delivering enhanced benefits for cost, efficiency, agility, mobility, and elasticity.