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In the run-up to the next Cloud Expo, 7th Cloud Expo (November 1–4, 2010) being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, it's time to give my earlier list a complete overhaul. Here, accordingly, is an expanded list of the most active players in the Cloud Ecosystem. I have increased it from the 'mere' 150 I identified back in January of this year, to 250, testimony – as if any were needed! – to the fierce and continuing growth of the "Elastic IT" paradigm throughout the world of enterprise computing. Editorial note: The words in quotation marks used to describe the various services and solutions in this round-up are in every case taken from the Web sites of the companies themselves. Omissions to this Top 250 list should be sent to me via Twitter (twitter.com/jg21) and I will endeavor to include them in any future revision of this newly expanded rou... (more)

RE: Convention versus best practice versus standard

Hi Folks, Really interesting discussion! Thanks everyone for your insights! Below is a summary. Comments welcome. /Roger DEFINITIONS 1. Convention - an agreement, implicit or explicit, among a group. My practice is mine alone, but if all or most of us do it that way (good or bad), it's a convention, a "coming together" in agreement on this one practice. 2. Best Practice - specifies what we *ought* to do without regard to whether we do it. 3. Standard - what we have agreed we will in fact do, to some specified level of detail. EXAMPLES 1. Convention By convention street signs in the U.S. are placed at street corners, we expect to find them by looking up, not down, and we expect them to be horizontal, not vertical. The benefits of this convention are: - we can locate street signs quickly, with a minimum of effort - their appearance makes it easy to distinguish them fr... (more)

RE: XML Schema: "Best used with the ______ tool"

> Wonderful answer for those who don't have any performance > concerns and are more comfortable working in XML than in data > structures. The web services world, however, is generally > quite concerned about both performance and ease of use for > programmers, and because of these issues data binding is used > for the vast majority of web services. I don't agree: on both ease-of-use and performance I would go for XSLT or XQuery in preference to lower-level languages every time. If you're receiving lexical XML from a web service, the time taken to process it in XSLT or XQuery is usually less than the time taken to parse and validate it. I would take a lot of convincing that a data binding approach is likely to be faster, given the cost of marshalling and unmarshalling the data. And on ease of use, I've seen programmers struggling with regenerating all their Java clas... (more)

Acceleration ABCs - A through Z

Phew, I completed the series before I head off for almost 3 weeks (I'll be back blogging January 12th).  Below is the complete list in case you missed any of them.  A is for Asymmetric B is for Browser C is for Cache-Control D is for Dynamic Data E is for Expires F is for Firebug G is for GZIP H is for HttpWatch and HttpFox I is for Invalidation J is for JavaScript K is for Knowledge L is for lots of things M is for Mozilla N is for Netscuse O is for Outages P is for Performance Metrics Q is for Quickly R is for Remote Offices S is for Security T is for Testing U is for Unique Content V is for Velocity W is for Who X is for XML Y is for YSlow! Z is for Zebra Now that this series is completed I'll need to find other acceleration related topics to blog about.  Any ideas - I'm open to suggestions.  ... (more)

Vertabase Timer Chosen to Help Launch New Adobe Service

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Vertabase Timer has been selected as one of a handful of applications initially available through the new try-before-you-buy software service for the Adobe AIR(TM) Marketplace. The new service, codenamed "Shibuya," was announced today at the Adobe MAX 2009 conference in Los Angeles. Vertabase also announced a new version and pricing for the popular time tracking application to be sold on the Marketplace. The new Vertabase Timer 3.0 is currently available through the Adobe AIR Marketplace as a try-before-you-buy download with an introductory purchase price of $5.00. "We are excited and honored to be a part of this new service, and we look forward to having that licensing and sales channel available for Vertabase Timer and other AIR apps moving forward," said Vertabase spokesperson Mark Phillips. "Adobe AIR has been a pr... (more)

XBRL US Announces Results from XBRL Preparedness Survey

NEW YORK, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- XBRL US, the XML standard setter for business information reporting in the U.S., announced today that public companies are heeding the advice to "start early" in preparing for XBRL adoption, according to a joint survey with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). 73% of respondents said that they have begun preparations for adoption of XBRL. Most of those surveyed, 93%, had at least a basic knowledge of XBRL. Many organizations are looking to outside vendors to create and submit their XBRL-formatted financial statements. 55% of those who have already submitted XBRL-tagged data have used consultants or outside vendors to create and submit, while 56% of those who have yet to submit plan to outsource to a service provider. "It's clear from this survey that external reporting managers recognize the importa... (more)

Inferenda Announces Launch of PowerFlexTM

Inferenda Data Solutions, Inc., the market leader in providing superior database management services and technology, announced today the launch of PowerFlexTM. The new application provides direct marketing, lead validation, risk management and B2C companies with supplemental name, address, telephone and demographic information to correct missing or mis-entered customer, lead or prospect data. PowerFlex is a data management application that greatly simplifies and automates the scheduling, processing and delivery of data from the freshest and most comprehensive database of name, address, telephone and demographic information. Inferenda has integrated PowerFlex with a vast database of 440 million individual name records and 1.5 billion address records that are updated daily. The PowerFlex application is powerful and flexible to support individual record queries, as w... (more)

Where Are RIA Technologies Headed in 2008?

I am always being told off by i-technologists for quoting Picasso as having said that computers are useless. But I still love his reasoning? "Because they can only give you answers." Picasso, like AJAXWorld Magazine, liked questions. So we thought we would share with you what some of the world's leading rich Internet application pioneers are thinking may be the next questions that we need to see answered. From that readers can themselves infer where AJAX is headed. What are the top questions to ask next about AJAX? Eric Miraglia of Yahoo! 1.  (From March'08) How do I calculate the ROI of building my RIA on the iPhone SDK vs using AJAX? 2.  How do I assess the performance of my app and decide what to do next to make it faster?  3.  When it comes to accessibility, how do I know what's required of me for my rich web apps?  Beyond what's required, what makes good business se... (more)

Cloud Expo New York Call for Papers Now Open

Early Bird Savings Cloud Expo Cloud computing is a game changer. The cloud is disrupting traditional software and hardware business models by disrupting how IT service gets delivered. Entrepreneurial opportunities abound as this classic disruptive technology begins to proliferate, so it is no surprise that SYS-CON's industry-leading International Cloud Expo is going from strength to strength. The 5th International Cloud Expo, to be held April 19-21, 2010, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, NY, announces that its Call for Papers is fast approaching. Topics on which submission are welcome include all aspects of providing or using massively scalable IT-related capabilities as a service using Internet technologies (see suggested examples below). Help plant your flag in the fast-expanding business opportunity that is The Cloud: submit your speaking propos... (more)

Cloud Expo 2011 East To Attract 10,000 Delegates and 200 Exhibitors

SYS-CON Events announced today that the 8th International Cloud Expo will take place June 6-9, 2011, in New York City. The International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo series is the world's leading Cloud-focused event and is held three times a year, in New York, Silicon Valley and in Europe. Over 600 corporate sponsors and 10,000 industry professionals have participated in Cloud Computing Expo since its inception, more than all other Cloud-related events put together. Cloud Computing Expo 2011 East Call for Papers Deadline November 30, 2010 - SUBMIT YOUR SPEAKING PROPOSAL TODAY! The four-day event will offer a rich array of sessions led by exceptional speakers about the business and technical value of cloud computing with more than 150 sponsors and exhibitors and over 5,000 estimated delegates from well over 48 different countries. Explore Cloud Expo Sponsorship &... (more)

AJAX World RIA Conference & Expo Kicks Off in New York City

In the tight economy, front-end engineers and front-end engineering can play a conspicuous role: good user experience, as the iPhone spectacularly demonstrates, means good business. At the 7th International AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo which opened Monday in New York City, the speaker lineup is as usual dripping with real-world expertise. The distinguished Speaker Faculty is headlined by Oracle's Ashish Mohindroo, whose Opening Keynote on "Breaking the Collaboration Barrier with Rich Enterprise Applications" set the tone for two intense days of breakout sessions across three parallel tracks. According to Mohindroo and Oracle, Rich Enterprise Applications (REAs) promise breakthrough capabilities and services for achieving higher levels of personal and team productivity throughout your enterprise. "Consumer web and mobile technologies are setting high standards for wha... (more)

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The precious oil is extracted from the seeds of prickly pear cactus plant. After taking out the seeds from the fruits, they are adequately dried and then cold pressed to obtain the oil. Indeed, the prickly seed oil is quite expensive. Well, that is understandable when you consider the fact that the seeds are really tiny and each seed contain only about 5% of oil in it at most, plus the seeds are usually handpicked from the fruits. This means it will take tons of these seeds to produce just one bottle of the oil for commercial purpose. But from its medical properties to its culinary importance, skin lightening, moisturizing, and protection abilities, down to its extraordinary hair care properties, prickly seed oil has got lots of excellent rewards for anyone who pays the price.
The platform combines the strengths of Singtel's extensive, intelligent network capabilities with Microsoft's cloud expertise to create a unique solution that sets new standards for IoT applications," said Mr Diomedes Kastanis, Head of IoT at Singtel. "Our solution provides speed, transparency and flexibility, paving the way for a more pervasive use of IoT to accelerate enterprises' digitalisation efforts. AI-powered intelligent connectivity over Microsoft Azure will be the fastest connected path for IoT innovators to scale globally, and the smartest path to cross-device synergy in an instrumented, connected world.
There are many examples of disruption in consumer space – Uber disrupting the cab industry, Airbnb disrupting the hospitality industry and so on; but have you wondered who is disrupting support and operations? AISERA helps make businesses and customers successful by offering consumer-like user experience for support and operations. We have built the world’s first AI-driven IT / HR / Cloud / Customer Support and Operations solution.
ScaleMP is presenting at CloudEXPO 2019, held June 24-26 in Santa Clara, and we’d love to see you there. At the conference, we’ll demonstrate how ScaleMP is solving one of the most vexing challenges for cloud — memory cost and limit of scale — and how our innovative vSMP MemoryONE solution provides affordable larger server memory for the private and public cloud. Please visit us at Booth No. 519 to connect with our experts and learn more about vSMP MemoryONE and how it is already serving some of the world’s largest data centers. Click here to schedule a meeting with our experts and executives.
Darktrace is the world's leading AI company for cyber security. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System is the first non-consumer application of machine learning to work at scale, across all network types, from physical, virtualized, and cloud, through to IoT and industrial control systems. Installed as a self-configuring cyber defense platform, Darktrace continuously learns what is ‘normal' for all devices and users, updating its understanding as the environment changes.